Solo-Jackal was an idea taken from a book that I really enjoyed. If you figure out what book it is, message me and let me know what you thought of it. Just think about a genre of books that I would be interested in.

Other than that, this blog is dedicated to randomness, for life after all can be very unpredictable.

24th May 2014

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You can read and support Sen. Bernie Sanders’ comprehensive veterans bill here:


You can read and support Sen. Bernie Sanders’ comprehensive veterans bill here:

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24th May 2014

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If restoring the minimum wage to the level of more than four decades ago actually destroyed economies, then Washington state, with its nation-leading $9.32 an hour minimum, should be a wreck. Facts show otherwise.

Opinion: The wages of low pay

By refusing to raise minimum wage, we exact a terrible toll on low-income workers and their children

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23rd May 2014

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Only some people get what they want. Those are the people who show up to get it.
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30th March 2014


Far Out! Icy World Widens Our Solar System's Frontier - NBC News →

There is still so much that is not known about our solar system. Thinking about other stars and their systems is just mind boggling.

30th March 2014


First-Ever Asteroid With Rings Knocks Astronomers for a Loop - NBC News →

It never occurred to me to wonder if an asteroid could have rings. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of my fascination with space.

26th March 2014

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Feature: Mountaintops, communities permanently altered in West Virginia →


"Residents say mountaintop removal, or MTR, in the coal hills of West Virginia is altering ridgelines, ravaging the environment and a way of life. Hills once lush with trees are stripped bare, carved away and flattened by explosives. It’s a method of mining ideal for accessing thin coal seams or those close to the surface that can’t be reached from underground, according to the West Virginia Coal Association."

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26th March 2014

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why would they edit so much?

They physically moved her bones. They moved her collar bone lower. I hope stuff like this makes girls realize how ridiculous the media is.

Even the ‘before’ picture is unattainable by most women. To begin with, she’s had her makeup and hair styled by professionals with expensive products. She’s also been given a flattering designer outfit, which is most likely altered to perfectly fit her shape. She has also been photographed in a fancy studio with perfect lighting and camera equipment, by an industry professional.

The fact that they would then go on to photoshop her beyond recognition (they even changed the appearance of her fingers, for crying out loud) just further emphasizes the unattainability of the media’s idea of ‘beauty’.

I am thoroughly disgusted by all this.

and its even worse because you know she hates this shit too


25th March 2014

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Feature: Coal leaves deep, wide wake in West Virginia →


NAOMA, W.Va. — Trucks laden high with coal lurch and careen into every bend as they barrel down WV Route 3, slipping past a nondescript tawny brick building flanking the tight mountain road in this rural hamlet. The old brick community center, still outfitted with hard-backed restaurant booths, is now headquarters to a homegrown revolution, fighting to loosen the grip of coal.

For local activist Debbie Jarrell, coal’s stranglehold in the state wasn’t apparent until about a decade ago when she realized that her then 8-year-old granddaughter was getting sick, her face becoming blotchy as she began to complain of headaches at school.

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25th March 2014

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In one study, participants were asked to rank the humor in various cartoon captions. Half of the captions had been written by men, and half by women. When not told who wrote what, the participants judged them almost equally funny. In fact, based on the scores given in this experiment, men are just 2.2 percent more likely to be funny than women. Yet 90 percent of the participants agreed with the stereotype that men are funnier. Talk about a mind-bogglingly huge difference in perception versus reality.

And it gets weirder — when the participants were asked which gender they thought wrote a caption, the funnier ones were almost always assumed to be by men and the less funny ones by women. This might be expected, considering their stated bias. Even when told the name and gender of the person who wrote each caption, within a short time the participants started misattributing the funny ones to men. In other words, even when they knew that women had written some of the funniest captions, the bias that men are funnier was so ingrained that it made them misremember who had written what.

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24th March 2014

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Parrot caught singing let the bodies hit the floor

I was so done when it whispered…I would shit bricks if I heard that when I got up to get a drink in the middle of the night…

“Let the bodies hit the….FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!”

I’d pee myself and I’m not ashamed to admit that.